Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And *5* years ago today...

...I was once again OVER my due date (by 12 days this time :-P) and arriving at the hospital for induction...both excited and nervous about meeting our new baby *BOY*. :) :) YES - a *boy* after having two girls previously...wondering and worrying (as only I can :-P) if I would be a good momma to a boy! Well everyone told me that boys love their mommas, and all I can say is that this has proved to be VERY true over these five years, much to this momma's delight. :)

Happy 5th Birthday to my Lucas who is every bit as wild and crazy as he is kindhearted and compassionate :)...who has an insatiable appetite for learning (as evidenced by his constant questions about every topic under the sun :-P)...who is an electronics and techy geek just like his Daddy :)...who might just be taking over Sophie's previous record of most clothes changes in a day :-P...and the best one of all - who still loves to cuddle and give hugs to his Momma! :)

Since we're under gloomy skies and dealing with spotty rain showers, these pics of the new 5-year-old will have to do for now...until weather (and said 5-year-old :-P) cooperates! :)

...enjoying his new DS this morning (and as I suspected, he easily took down his sisters with his new game on his first attempt! :-P)

...and enjoying the Slip-n-Slide recently :):

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