Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prima's Summer 2011 Release...Day 1 Sneak Peek!

*Six* new GORGEOUS collections along with beautiful coordinating embellishments! :)

Check out the Day 1 sneak here! :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Got Sketch? Blog - Sketch #121

Another new sketch released today by my talented friend Val, and totally in LOVE with what the other amazing girls did with it too - you can check out the sketch here! :)

For this layout, I used the Studio Calico Lawn Paper Moon kit (June Main) as well as the AWESOME add-on Ray Gun - I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors in this one...perfect for boys!! :) And it was also fun to dig back through some older pics of Lucas taken by my talented photographer friend Julie Laakso back when he was an UBER-busy 2-year-old....GAH! look at how white-blonde his hair was back then! :-P

Thanks for looking. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011


Do you SEE the blinkie above??

And.This.Is.Really.And.Truly.ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) Check out the official announcement on the Prima blog here. :)

I am still in disbelief.
Feeling nervous and scared.
Filled with excitement. ELATED.
SO beyond grateful and blessed. :)

Being asked to joining the Prima Design Team is a dream come true....and I am so so humbled to share in this with this AMAZING and WONDERFULLY TALENTED group of girls:

Thank you Prima for giving me this amazing opportunity! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sophie's Final Travel Soccer Games

Saturday morning marked the end of this year's travel soccer games for both girls. While Abby has decided to take a break and try gymnastics next year, Sophie will likely be doing tryouts - over this spring season, my scrappy little 7-yr-old has evolved into a much more confident player, becoming very comfortable with using her body - as well as becoming a mini-force to be reckoned with. :)

Despite the *wicked* heat that morning, I am SO glad I decided to bring my good camera at the last minute - I was so thrilled with the shots I got of both her games. :) Warning: if you're not into soccer pics, please feel free to skip the rest of this entry :-P...there's a lot of them! ;)

Her first game was versing her sister's team. :) Even though Abby's team won, Soph didn't back down one bit! Sister vs Sister Show-Down!! :)

Love the wild hair flying all over the place because she's SO intense! :)

Game 2 - getting hotter by the minute and it was only after 10:00 am by this point! :-P

Thanks for looking! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Splash Village Getaway :)

Last week, we played hooky for a couple days before the Memorial Day weekend (and before the muddy, wet, HOT craziness of the Canton Cup Soccer that's another post! :-P) began - John's boss was kind enough to treat our family to a fun little mini-getaway to Zehnder's Splash Village Hotel and Indoor Waterpark located in Frankenmuth! :) We've been there before, but had never stayed in the family suite (SWEEEEEET! :)) or eaten at Zehnder's restaurant (soooooo YUMMY! :)) - we had such a GREAT, relaxing time together as a family...soooo did NOT want to come home! :-P

I got to use my underwater camera :), which explains why most of the pics are grainy :-P - but they still make me SMILE! :) Ok so you've been forewarned....caution ahead - picture OVERLOAD. :)


Joshie looks like such a little squirt here! :)

Finally got Abby to go down the BIG water slide this trip :) - then couldn't get her off it for the rest of the time! :-P

My boys. :)

And my girls. :)

He was pretty wary of the random dumping and figured out REAL quick how to stay back once the clanking noise began. :-P

Sophie was SO good about helping her brother investigate. :)

Awwwweeee - melts my heart :)...and I can see more and more resemblance between them! :)

Lucas suddenly seemed SO independent during this trip - he had such a great time! :)

And YES! pics of me and the kidlets finally! :)

Isn't this underwater pic of Sophie SO awesome??!! :) She is SUCH a water-bug! :)

And Abby never did quite get the hang of opening her eyes underwater. :-P