Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And She's *8*....

Life with this child is always interesting. :)

Eight years ago, I walked (ok waddled :-P) into the hospital ready to be admitted for induction at *14* days past my due date because she was perfectly content to "stay put." :-P YET while still happy punching and kicking enthusiastically away inside my belly. :-P At that point, I should have known that she is a child who not only marches to the beat of her OWN drummer but also does things in her OWN way and OWN time. :-P

She is energetic, dramatic, willful, and S-T-U-B-B-O-R-N :-P - yet also compassionate, loving, generous, and affectionate. She is incredibly smart, artistic, confident, and full of passion - yet a pushy bulldog on the soccer field with a "take 'em down" attitude. :-P She is bold and says what is on her mind, yet hypervigilant to the mood and feelings of those around her - if she loves you, she loves you for LIFE. :) She loves all things bling-y and glitzy, never has enough stuffed animals :-P, and is especially crazy-nutso about cows and pigs. :) She would eat french toast and "pink milk" everyday if I let her. :-P She makes each and every day interesting, challenging many a times :-P, her smile and infectious laugh are her saving grace at times :-P, but I can't help but admire (and envy) the enthusiasm with which she greets each day - she is a HAPPY girl. :)

I always say that the things that I love the most about this girl are the things that make me the CRAZIEST :-P...a high-maintenance ball of loving energy :-P - but either way, I love love LOVE this girl. :)

And today she is *8*. :) Happy Happy Birthday my beautiful Sophie Grace!!!


  1. Those pictures are beautiful! Happy Birthday!

  2. What a sweetie!
    Hope she has a great birthday :)

  3. she is such a beauty! Happy Birthday to Sophie Grace!

  4. OMG ... AM, she is just gorgeous. Happy Birthday Sophie Grace. I love your name, I love your sweet face, and I love your mama!
    Come visit me sometime, bring your mama along...
    Lots of love
    ~ Aunt Sasha