Monday, September 12, 2011

After one week of school...

...we can declare it a *success* (PHEW! :-P) The kids are happy with their teachers, and we are falling back into a routine (which makes this momma VERY happy! LOL)

Biggest highlights? This little man made it through his first week of full-time Kindergarten with flying colors! :)

And Miss Awesome Abby :) :) not only is a Safety this year, but was also made Lieutenant (which means *2nd* in command, as she so made a point of telling me proudly LOL!! :-P) She is *beyond* excited about her position and has already made a point of telling Sophie that she will *not* display any favoritism towards family members while on duty! :-P

Good first week :) - and even Joshie and I are adjusting to being on our own during the day! :)

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