Thursday, March 24, 2011

I LOVE this boy :)

Much to John's chagrin, I'm sure :-P, I still have a few hats in my stash that Joshua has yet to wear... :) and it *has* been a good long while since I posted pics of this sweet boy I love SO much. :) Although SIGH to another round of cold weather forcing us to take pics indoors :( - sooooo ready for spring!!

Have I ever mentioned my fondness for all things sock monkey related?? :) It's a sickness, I swear. :-P Here is my beautiful sweet momma's boy at 14 months :)....

And those cutesy dimples of his are going NOWHERE anytime soon.... :)

Umm, I think it's my turn to play with the camera now... :)

 Hey Mommy, can we be done *now*?? :) Yup, I'd say we're all done now, based on that facial expression! :-P


  1. Eeeeks!!! I love this boy and I LOVE his hat!!!

  2. Wonderful pictures! Those are going to make a great LO! :)

  3. Love that Sock Monkey Hat! Way cute...and Joshua is a little cutie too! Love all the photos! When my kids were little...I was into painting...and not so much photos. Now they are teenages...and just give me the...Really Mom? Look. I really need to go back and look through my photos! Can't wait to see those other hats!
    Thanks for visiting my blog..and hopefully I will see you IRL...and I can borrow some photos of your sweet Abby. I have all kinds of "If I had had a girl stories....LOL!" Love my boys...but ...painting and decorating for girls is more fun! Hugs!

  4. What a super cute little boy you have : )